Corporate Social Responsibility

Since the foundation, the relationship with the territory and the community of Ornago (link alla mappa) – where the plant has been built and where the production activity continues today – has been central guiding activities and strategic choices.
In FARO, we’ve always been committed to reducing the environmental impact, for example, by shortening the supply chain as much as possible, demonstrating that it is possible to create excellent and sustainably technical equipment in defense of our planet/environment borrowed future generations.
Sustainability is not only a “green economy” for us but also, without fail, serving, in addition to our customers, the entire community in which we operate.
A community made up of employees, suppliers, and the whole environmental context that hosts Faro, and the community of the citizens of Ornago where our headquarters are located.
Choosing a FARO product today means matching these values, being engaged, as we are, in supporting projects dedicated to culture and education, to young people, to vulnerable people, to the protection of the environment, and cultural and social heritage preservation.

For over 10 years, FARO has been collaborating – through the donation products for the dental clinics – with the NGO AMICI BETHARRAM ONLUS, which operates for the population of the Central African Republic.

  • We deliver the traditional Panettone to the over 75-year-olds of Ornago.
  • Contribution to the realization of Christmas illuminations on the streets of Ornago
  • Realization of the Christmas Sleigh for the delivery of Christmas gifts to the children of Ornago – Associazione Nino Ronco.
  • Free distribution of masks and disinfectants to the citizens of Ornago

FARO supports the cycling section of the amateur sports group G.S. Nino Ronco named in honor of Ornago’s professional cyclist who died during a stage of the Tour of Lorraine in 1948 – the same year the company was founded.

  • Collaboration with Politecnico di Milano for study grants and training projects
  • Sponsorship Webinar school and sociality covid
  • Contribution to the implementation of English courses in kindergarten

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