FARO always partners with Research Institutes and Universities (Politecnico di Milano) in order to develop products that satisfy the actual needs of doctors and patients.

Our FARO systems have in fact been designed to offer an optimal scialytic effect, high colour rendering (CRI) and luminous efficacy with a constant colour temperature for every intensity adjustment level of the lamps.

The patented design is the perfect synthesis between aesthetics and functionality and with the EVA and MAIA lamps, we set a new reference for LED technology and for the future of professional lighting.

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The human body is designed to live in nature, according to the rhythms dictated by sunlight.

Due to the natural production of serotonin (during sunlight hours) and melatonin (during hours of darkness), our biorhythm makes us more productive during the day and more prone to rest at night. The seasons also affect our biorhythm: during the Summer the greater amount of light makes us more active, while during the Winter the scarcity of light makes us more tired and needing more rest.

However our work life, pushes toward a different rhythm, regulated by productivity requirements; the consequence of this “forced” adaptation is a source of significant stress to our bodies. One of the most effective method to reduce this type of stress is to make sure that the light our eyes receive from the work environment is as similar as possible (quantity and quality) to sunlight.

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When choosing a dental lamp, we must consider few critical characteristics to determine its light quality. Any artificial light source has to faithfully reproduce the colours of the illuminated objects, materials and body tissues, which many vary based on the colour temperature and colour render index of the source. It’s all crucial to achieve a successful result in any activity.

Even sunlight has an effect on colour perception: as the daylight hours or the seasons change, we see colours differently. For this reason it is important to have a light source that, at any time, allows the doctor to obtain precise information.

All FARO lamps include intensity adjustment so that the visual function is able to capture minute details of the operating field with minimal effort, while keeping a constant colour temperature.

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Visual fatigue is caused by repeated contraction and dilation of the iris performed by the ciliary muscle to modify the crystalline lens structure and enable the focus. Therefore, light distribution within the operating field must allow the dentist’s eye to adapt to different levels of illumination with the minimum effort.
Even visual apparatus overload is harmful to eye health. It can result into tearing, dry eye, a foreign body feeling,  eye discomfort and pain, or even blurred or double vision.

The continual exposure to an incorrect source of light can cause concentration issues, orbital and temple headaches, eye redness and other direct or related diseases.

Conversely, good quality and flexibility of vision is a fundamental prerequisite for your own well-being.

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Exposure to a correct and effective light source brings about an energising effect and decreases the sense of fatigue that tends to naturally increase throughout the day.

Good quality vision drastically reduces the risk of stress overload, muscle and emotional tension and the related neuralgia such as migraines and headaches, pain and human musculoskeletal system pathologies.

Visual fatigue and eye strain, beside the risk of ocular pathologies, also affects your mood and may have an indirect effect on your mood and the emotional perception of good health and well-being.

Getting quality and branded lamp, to the professionals it means higher vision, comfort and performance all day long. To the patient it means to ease discomforts and stress, improve confidence and trust in the doctor’s practice and choose that clinic again.

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TM-30 is a metric introduced by CIE (International Commission on Illumination) in their Technical Report 224:2017 to even more reliably express colour rendition and hence the quality of a LED source.

Besides the numerical data, the IES TM-30 colour rendition system adds a graphical representation that makes it possible to evaluate where the colour saturation variation occurs. Due to the importance of this new evaluation system, some LED manufacturing companies have started to publish official data where both the CRI standard value and the TM-30 system are included.

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The index measures LED source with two factors: fidelity (Rf) and saturation (Rg) based on 99 color evaluation samples (CES) chosen from real world objects compared to the 15 used to define CRI.

  • 0 < Rf ≤ 100 where 100 is equivalent to perfect colour correspondence
  • 60 < Rg ≤ 140 where 100 is equivalent to correct colour saturation
  • Rg > 100 the saturation is greater: the colour is more vivid
  • Rg < 100 the saturation is lower: the colour is duller

Rg > 100

vivid colour

Rf = 100

perfect colour match

Rg < 100

Dull colour

Rg = 100


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The correct light balance thanks to the perfect synchronism of 3 light sources: the operating light, the pre-operative light and the solar spectrum ceiling light.
Exclusive lighting system for a harmonious visual transition between the different work areas, high level light performance and mental well-being throughout the entire day, every day.

Patented FARO synchronisation system