Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its foundation, our company has realized that its “PURPOSE” was not limited to creating value for property and employees but extending to everyone.

For us at FARO, “purpose” means “green economy” and being responsible and serving our customers and the entire community in which we operate: employees, suppliers, and the entire community of Ornago’s citizens.

We have a strong relationship with the territory of Ornago (MB), where we started in 1948 and in which the production activity continues today.
We are strongly committed to honoring the name we bear.
Our mission is being a “FARO” (“Lighthouse”) for the entire communities, direct and ancillary to the company guides activities and strategic choices.

Today, choosing a FARO product means being continuously engaged with us, supporting projects dedicated to culture and education, young people, and vulnerable people, and protecting the environmental, cultural, and social heritage.

FARO‘s purpose includes the mission of “giving something back” to the world.
The FARO Charity project has born because of Mother Teresa’s quote: “What we do is just a drop in the ocean, but if we didn’t do it the ocean would have one drop less”.
During the Covid 19 pandemic, every person, every citizen, had faced their fragility, some of them for the first time.
Remembering that fragility of challenging moments is essential to preserve that instinct of human protection lost when the feeling of stability and well-being is restored.
We at FARO strongly believe that staying human, being kind, offering help without waiting to be in a state of emergency is the only real future we can have to create lasting value over time and always be happy.

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In 2022 FARO selected six associations / special projects to support sharing fundraising with its employees.
FARO will double the funds raised among employees.

FARO has consistently promoted the values of sport by believing in its educational, training, and social potential that favors the development of a healthy, inclusive and collaborative society.
FARO project for sport wants to offer an essential contribution to the support and development of sports associations of the territory to represent a necessary point of reference, especially for the youth communities of the area.

Find out more about FARO projects for sport:

  • FARO also supports the cycling section of the amateur sports group G.S. Nino Ronco who remembers the figure of the professional rider from Brianza, who died during a stage of the Tour of Lorraine in 1948 – the same year of company’s foundation.

FARO promotes the values of Culture and Education as resources for transforming society, empowering identity and community cohesion, consistently contributing to creating open, dynamic, and prosperous societies.
We know that any progress can be lasting if it does not have a vital cultural component.
Supporting universities, research teams, and institutions dedicated to protecting intangible heritage is the heart of FARO’s purpose.

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FARO, since its foundation, has been promoting social responsibility in the area by actively and effectively contributing to the support of the local community.

The general objective of this FARO Purpose is to constantly contribute to the improvement of the local community’s well-being, creating or enhancing initiatives to support the progress of the locals’ economic, social, and cultural life.

Find out more about the FARO projects for the territory:

  • Contribution to the realization of the Christmas lights in the streets of Ornago
  • Delivery of Panettone to the over 75s of Ornago
  • Realization of the Christmas sleigh for the delivery of Christmas gifts to the children of Ornago – Associazione Nino Ronco
  • Free distribution of masks and disinfectants to the citizens of Ornago
  • Sponsorship Webinar school and sociality covid
  • Contribution to the creation of English courses in kindergarten